Spanish, the actual language ;)

Gerundio - Present Continuous (think 'ing)

Estar + "gerundio"

Endings are "ando" for verbs ending in ar "iendo" for verbs ending in ir & er


Spanish English
Estoy cocinando I am cooking
Mi hermando está viviendo en Pótosi My brother is living in Pótosi
Elena está corriendo en el parque Elena is running in the park
durmiendo sleeping
oyendo hearing
leyendo reading



Spanish English
llegar to arrive
llorar to cry
hablar to talk
manejar to drive (all forms of transport, e.g. you drive a bike)
robar to steal
bajar get off (of a bus)
desear to desire
contestar to answer
pasear to go for a walk
pasar to pass - to spend time doing something
avisar to let someone know something / to tell
descansar to rest
fumar to smoke
buscar to search
cantor to sing
pescar to fish
escalar to climb
correr to run
esquiar to ski
surfear to surf
dansar to dance
llamar to call
subir to climb (onto a bus)
viajar to travel
cenor to eat
llevar to bring
mentir to lie


Yo soy
Él/Ella/Usted es
Nosotros somos
Ustedes/Ellos son

Many uses

  1. People and things
  2. Origin & nationality
  3. Profession
  4. What you do / marital status
  5. days of the week, month, hour
  6. mostly permanent characteristics (e.g. hair color, patience)


Spanish Answer
Quien es Serena Williams Es una tenista
Quienes son Pablo y Marta Son mis amigos
Soy inginiero de systemos I'm a computer engineer
Soy cassado I'm married


Yo estoy
Él/Ella/Usted está
Nosotros estamos
Ustedes/Ellos están


  1. To locate (Dondé estar)
  2. For health - how you're feeling
  • Como está?
    • Estoi un poto enfirmo
    • Estoi fatigundo
    • Estoi ansioso


Spanish English
por eso that's why
entrer between
la meyor parte del tiempo most of the time
yo pienso que I think that
los edificios son bonitos the buildings are pretty

Future (Ⅰ)

ir + a + infinitive
2 - 3 months into the "future" kinda future

Yo voy
Él/Ella/Usted va
Nosotros vamos
Ustedes/Ellos van

Future (Ⅱ)

trabajAR comER vivIR
Yo trabajaré comeré viviré
trabajaras comerás vivirás
Él/Ella/Usted trabajará comerá vivirá
Nosotros trabajaremos comeremos viviremos
Ustedes/Ellos trabajarán comerán vivirán

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