So good they can't ignore you

Summary of So good they can't ignore you

Link to a bunch of interviews with different people about their career paths. Watch the one with Irie Glass (This American Life fame) Road Trip Nation

Basically the idea of follow your passion is bad advice. Get the skills first and then you'll be able to get the career / job / calling you want. People like Jobs etc. had the skills and worked damn hard - it wasn't just that they followed their passion (however much they may want you to believe it). Also it's just basically bad doctrine as it leads you to think that if you aren't passionate about something then you need to move on and find the one thing that you are passionate about... but then you start off again at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Two different types of mindset (really quite like the mindset book, the 'Passion' Mindset and the 'Craftsman (Growth) Mindset). Passion asks what can this job/situation give me, Craftsman is about what you can bring to the job/situation (and how you can give the very best you can). If you can become a craftsman, that's when the pillars of impact, creativity and control will come out in the your job.

10,000 Hours

10,000 hours is all well and good, but only if you're putting in deliberate practice - otherwise you're just going to plateaux. The problem with deliberate practice is that it's hard work and it's uncomfortable hard work at that. It takes you past where you're comfortable - or from the Ruby Rogues Episode you need to push into the things that are hard, embrace, extend!

Deliberate Practice is actively designed, typically by a teacher, for the
sole purpose of effectively improving specific aspects of an individuals

Decide your capital market

The idea here is that you're either in a winner takes all or auction market. Winner takes all means there's one skill you need to be the best at (script writing). Auction means there are lots of skills and you can decide which ones you want to improve at.

Capital Type:

Once you know your market, how do you get the skills? If it's auction best way is to go with doors you can easily get into (i.e. what opportunities does your current situation give you to improve at)

Define Good

Basic goal oriented stuff here. Decide what level you need to get to - and then track it and get there.

Stretch & Destroy Be aware of the stuff you're finding hard, then push into it and get better.

Be Patient It takes time, unfortunately

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